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A fascination with nature developed as Mike grew up on the Ludwig family farm in Spry, York County, Pennsylvania. The culture shock experienced on a trip to Europe during his junior year of college whetted his appetite for exploring other cultures. Mike says, “When I become president, I am going to require every student to complete two years service (military or civilian) in a third world country before going on to college. I believe it will make this country a much better place to live as more will appreciate what it is we have here – instead of comparing ourselves to the Smiths and Joneses we will realize just how fortunate we are – and it will give the student a broader spectrum on which to base one’s life study.”

As the years unfolded, Mike undertook successive photographic adventures through much of western Europe, most of North America, the Caribbean, and parts of Africa and South America. Two fulfilled items on Mike’s bucket list – a wildlife safari at Makalali in South Africa and cruising, hiking and snorkeling the volcanic Galapagos Islands of Darwinian fame. During the latter, he and his nephew Kellen also explored the Andes of Ecuador where they stood with one foot on each side of the equator.

Never having relinquished his love of beauty, Mike now makes his home on the south bank of the Susquehanna River in Accomac – one of the few areas this majestic river flows west-to-east – and where the sun both rises and sets over the water.

An adventurer at heart, Mike, through his photography, shares his love of nature, his passion for color, and his zest for life.

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